Full E-Commerce Website

TreadBands is a Direct To Consumer brand featuring the first patented¬† guaranteed non-slip headband on the market. The first version of its website was created with BigCommerce and served well during the early stages of growth, handling both retail sales as well as later featuring a Wholesale Portal I added by modifying the original theme with custom Javascript. In 2020, the switch was made to Shopify, which in the years since the brand launched has seemed to become the industry standard of Direct To Consumer brands. Shopify’s robust market of third party plug-ins make it an ideal platform for our needs for a retail webstore as well as additional spaces for wholesale customers, brand ambassadors, and foreign markets.¬†

Custom Designs

While offering a simple form for large team orders of custom headbands, TreadBands.com also features a custom headband builder so customers can create their own headband in real time, utilizing our proprietary swatches to ensure accurate colors pre-built patterns and icons to ensure customers can work quickly and easily and receive a great product. These orders come directly to the back end of the website, including all customer uploaded files, images and special messages or personalizations.

"Alaskan Summertime", Summer 2017 Collection

Wholesale Store

Wholesale customers fill out a simple form and upon approval are provided with an account that allows them access to bulk products not accessible from the retail facing side of the website. When logging in as a wholesaler, an alternate navigation appears, including alternate forms for custom orders our wholesalers can offer to their customers. Wholesale orders have a minimum cart value, and checkout is disabled for cart values below this threshold. While in BigCommerce I needed to utilize custom Javascript to achieve this, in Shopify this is acheived using a third party plugin.

Select TreadBands Headband Designs.

2022 “Winter Blues” Collection


In addition to headbands TreadBands also offers graphic tees, hoodies and other apparel options for both retail customers and exclusive pieces only available to brand ambassadors. Fully designed and printed in house, the designs shown are a small selection of pieces I designed and then prepared for screen printing by separating the colors and outputting film positives.  The four tank tops pictured were a limited line that accompanied headbands inspired by US National Parks.

2018 “Treadventure” Racerback Tank Collection

"Charm City" 2017 Kelly Berger Collection

Amazon.com Store

While the primary source of online sales is TreadBands.com, close behind that is the Amazon.com marketplace. As a registered brand, TreadBands has its own Amazon storefront allowing for promotional images, featured collections, custom navigation, and other sections previously only found on more specialized e-commerce platforms. I manage the product listings, create Amazon formatted product images, and manage inventory.

Amazon.com Enhanced Brand Content

As a registered brand TreadBands also qualifies for Enhanced Brand Content in product listings allowing ford additional images, custom layouts, and the placement of other products from our store, giving a competitive advantage over other sellers and brands as well as giving customers a much more informative and clean shopping experience and maintaining consistency with TreadBands.com.