Strategic, creative, and versatile graphic designer with a proven track record of designing impactful visual elements across diverse mediums. Experienced in crafting posters, websites, social media graphics, apparel, signage, and logos for a broad spectrum of clients, including interior designers, local retail stores, apparel brands, and venues. Thrives in dynamic environments, leveraging skills honed at Teamzila/TreadBands to seamlessly transition and adapt to various industries. Adept at delivering innovative and visually compelling solutions that meet client needs and surpass expectations.

Work Experience

Teamzila/TreadBands/Ripleigh’s Creamery, Gettysburg, PA — Senior Graphic + Production Designer

2013 – Present

  • Grew small storefront business in Taneytown, MD to national apparel brand.
  • Orchestrated design and maintenance of TreadBands.com e-commerce website, modifying Shopify and BigCommerce themes for wholesale, brand ambassadors, and location-based inventories.
  • Produces and curates product images, managing online sales inventory for retail, wholesale, and specialized customer groups, including brand ambassadors and customers in Australia.
  • Prepares and prints headbands for sublimation; conducts color separations and generates film positives for screen-printed apparel.
  • Designs social media graphics and creates pop-up promotional graphics for retail website.
  • Generates product images and maintains inventory for Amazon.com store, overseeing both self-fulfilled and Amazon-fulfilled items.
  • Designs, prints, and installs wall graphics, floor graphics, and signage for on-site sales events, trade shows, and retail spaces.
  • Oversees graphic design for Ripleigh’s Creamery (now with three locations); manages web design, print and install wall graphics and signage.

Mike Stearns, dba, Gettysburg, PA — Freelance Graphic Designer

2011 – Present

  • Designs diverse visual elements, including posters, websites, social media graphics, apparel, signage, and logos for a range of clients.
  • Manages cross-collaboration with interior designers, local retail stores, bands, and venues.
  • Utilizes hand lettering, illustration, and analog methods such as rub-on type, pen & ink and more.
  • Designs and maintains client websites , using the platforms WordPress, Shopify, SquareSpace, or BigCartel depending on client needs and budget.