Celebrated Summer Records

Celebrated Summer Windows

Window Graphic

Celebrated Summer Records is a renowned record store in Baltmore’s Hampden neighborhood, specializing in punk, soul, indie, and jazz. There was already a strong visual aesthetic established, influenced by Japanese record stores and comics, 70’s mall culture, and early 80’s DIY punk rock. For the main window graphic, we wanted to feature the Thrash Cat logo always used with a color palette and typography like one would see in a suburban mall in 1982. Equal parts Hello Kitty and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

At Time of Installation
Updated Additional Window
Sketch Sent From Client

One Color Repeatable T-Shirt Design

This simple one color design can be used on any color or style shirt, light or dark, allowing infinite options without the need for any additional screens for printing. It makes an easy last minute add-on to a record purchase and also functions as a promotional item.

2023 Free Button Project

For the full year of 2023 as a promotional item we designed a limited button for every holiday to give away to the first 50 customers to arrive that day.  For some Tony (CSR Owner) would have an idea of what he wanted, for others I made suggestions until we landed on what would work. Two basic templates streamlined the process and allowed for last minute additions like “Snow Day” and “International Dog Day.” These also double as social media content, and for the end of the year we put together a full sheet of the year to tie everything together. 

Limited Run Bumper Sticker

Astro-Cat Shirt

For this shirt the goal was to take the Tony and Thrash Cat characters and show them blueprint style as androids similar to something seen in the Astro-Boy comic books. To streamline the process and maintain consistency, I created a series of reusable parts using graphic styles, brushes and blends in Adobe Illustrator, allowing me to create a relatively detailed vector illustration in a short amount of time. The logo type was based on an Astro-Boy reference Tony sent me, modifying an existing font to fit the style.

Detail of Thrash Cat
Reference Image From Client